Where You Should Avoid Wearing Your Wedding Ring?

Where You Should Avoid Wearing Your Wedding Ring?

As a newlywed or a newly-engaged couple, you will always want to wear and flaunt your rings. No matter where you are headed or whom you are planning to meet, your wedding ring tend to be an integral part of your life. However, with a big size of diamond on the wedding ring, comes bigger responsibilities of maintaining them. And, one of the easiest ways to increase the lifespan of your ring is by keeping it safe from any unforeseen situations and not wearing it always and everywhere. 

Here are a few situations where you should avoid wearing your wedding rings.

Not on international trips

While we want to update our social media with photos highlighting our wedding ring, it is strongly recommended to keep the ring back at home. You will feel much safer by not carrying your precious jewelry pieces everywhere along with you in a new country. And, even if you want to take it along with you, make sure you put it back in a hotel safe while traveling around.

Not in the gym

Wearing a wedding ring to the gym is a big no. You cannot carry them there because there is a lot of movement and physical activity in gym, which can easily damage or misplace your ring. As a result, that glamour and sheen will be compromised. It is always best to leave the ring at a safe place. Plus, you won’t like your diamond to be covered in sweat, isn’t it?

Not in the office

While you might not be involved in any heavy lifting or adventurous activities in the office, it is also not ideal to wear it there every day. Even though you might be using just your laptop the entire day, there might be times where you accidentally bang your ring on hard surfaces and compromise on its quality and appearance. So, beware.

Not while cooking

If you are going to throw a feast or a party for your friends and family, you will surely be using the oven to get the job done. Cooking in the kitchen with your precious jewelry on can be dangerous. Therefore, it is best to not to carry such expensive stuff in your kitchen. You will be cooking with all sorts of spices and vegetables and you will need to wash them frequently. Hence, keep this stuff out in order to be safe.

With all these safety guidelines in mind, commemorate your special day with rings from Faithbrand.ca.