How to Take Care of Luxury Watches to Increase Their Potential for Resale?

How to Take Care of Luxury Watches to Increase Their Potential for Resale?

Not only are expensive timepieces a mark of taste and prestige, but they are also wise investments that may increase in value over time. The right maintenance and upkeep are crucial to ensuring that your watches keep their flawless appearance and fetch a high resale price. 

So how to maintain these exquisite pieces of art? 

Regular Maintenance: 

Just like any expertly built mechanical device, luxury timepieces need routine maintenance performed by a licensed watchmaker. Depending on the brand and type, servicing your watches every three to five years is advised. Regular maintenance not only maintains your watch operating precisely but also averts any possible problems that might develop from normal wear and tear.

Keep Them Clean: 

Keeping your luxury watches clean is essential to prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust, and oils, which can harm delicate components. Wipe the watch’s exterior, including the case, crystal, and bracelet, using a gentle, lint-free cloth.

Proper Storage:

Maintaining the condition of your luxury watches depends on proper storage. To keep your timepieces safe from dust and possible harm, keep them in a watch box or special watch winder. Watches should not be kept close to sources of intense heat, high humidity, or direct sunshine since these environmental variables can harm the watch’s components and finish.

Secure the Crystal: 

The watch crystal is one of the parts that is most prone to scratches and other damage. The susceptibility of a crystal to scratches can differ depending on whether it is sapphire, a mineral, or acrylic. When engaging in activities where there is a greater danger of impact or abrasion, place a protective film or cover on the watch crystal.

Rotate the Watches in Your Collection:

If you have a collection of expensive timepieces, you might want to rotate them frequently. By avoiding extended idleness, this procedure lowers the possibility of lubricants drying up and maintains the movement’s functionality.

Avoid Magnetic Fields: 

The precision of fine watch movements can be affected by magnetic fields since they can be sensitive to them. Strong magnets, such as those found in speakers, electrical gadgets, and magnetic closures, should not be placed near timepieces.

Professional Assessments: 

Your collection of luxury timepieces can gain credibility and value with expert assessments and supporting documentation. In this regard, it is a wise decision to sell your Cartier with G Luxe Jewelers, that promise authentic and stress-free transactions of your timeless investments.

Maintaining the value of your luxury watches requires proper care and maintenance. So, by adhering to these recommendations, you may fully appreciate your luxury timepieces while also protecting their long-term financial potential.