Fashion etches its influence on our mind

Fashion etches its influence on our mind

‘Dress well to look good & feel great’

Fashion is a way of expressing ourselves. Our clothing, lifestyle, footwear, and hairstyle have an influence on how people perceive us. Fashion Designing is the art of applying one’s creativity and design knowledge to turn a piece of fabric or cloth into a garment that is aesthetically appealing to the eyes. A fashion designer is one who designs innovatively clothes, footwear, handbags, etc. It is said that if you are creative and have the urge to create then you are the perfect fit for the fashion design world. On top of everything to become successful as a fashion designer one has to do a fashion design course at a good college. During the course, aspirants learn about fashion design from the core. 

At present times, fashion design has become the most lucrative career option. The fashion design field is providing a varied range of career opportunities. After learning fashion design, a person can opt for many professions other than becoming a fashion designer, some scopes are as follows:

  1. Fashion Designer 
  2. Fashion Stylist 
  3. Fashion Model
  4. Textile Designer
  5. Retail Manager
  6. Retail Merchandiser 
  7. Visual Merchandiser 
  8. Accessory Designer 

The fashion world is full of glitz, glamour, and glory. Nowadays, many youngsters are opting for fashion design as a career due to its limitless fame and opportunities. 

Do you know that fashion design can influence our lives in many ways?? 

Yes, you heard it right, it is undeniable that fashion has a strong influence on our personality, and fashion also has the power to boost our level of confidence. Fashion is something much more than just clothing and styling. Fashion is something that can enhance and maintain a person’s positive self-esteem. Fashion is powerful enough to change our psychological state of mind and make it strong. It can also improve a person’s behaviour and mood significantly. 

It is true that when we step out into the outer world in fashionable attire we can feel smart and more confident than we usually feel. So, when choosing an outfit for any occasion people should be very conscious. The selection of outfits for an occasion reveals his/her taste. Colour holds an important part of fashion, colour plays an important role in determining a person’s mood. 

Most importantly fashion changes a person’s self-perception. 

As more people are intended to join the fashion industry, the number of fashion design institutes in Kolkata has increased within a span of ten to twenty years. INIFD Saltlake is a star institute in the design world standing tall for more than 25 years, providing its students with the best academic knowledge with 100% placement assurance. The institute aims to make their students so efficient that they don’t face any problems or difficulties in the fashion world to make a successful career. 

What are you waiting for follow your passion, work for your dreams, and grab a successful fashion design career with INIFD Saltlake.  

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