Engagement Ring and Wedding Band – All You Need to Know

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band – All You Need to Know

Rings are special as they are connected to your heart. Ring is a sign of commitment made by the couple to spend their lives together. Among various types of rings, engagement ring and wedding band have special place. Both these rings are exchanged as a commitment of lifetime but still they differ in design and functionality. There are various designs now available in these rings that compliment each other. People prefer special gemstone rings that make a mark of beauty and abundance. Among various other gemstone ring designs, emerald stone engagement rings are gaining popularity among all age groups. This ring can be beautifully combined with wedding bands of different designs. You may also find matching bracelets for women that compliment various beautiful ring designs. 

What is Engagement Ring?

Engagement ring is exchanged when formal proposal is made to spend life together. These rings are exchanged at a very early stage of relationship. Unlike wedding bands, engagement rings are designed with gemstones to give unique look. This ring can be used in place of wedding band if couple wishes to do that, however many couples opt for both. 

What is Wedding Band?

Traditionally wedding band is more simple looking metal band with little or no diamonds on it. This band is also called eternity band and is usually exchanged at the time of wedding. They are selected in couple designs or can also be designed individually. While wedding ceremony is bigger ceremony, the wedding band is usually low on cost compared to the engagement ring. Engagement rings have bigger gemstones and hence the cost is high. 

How do you wear engagement ring and wedding band?

Wedding band and engagement ring both have special place in one’s heart and hence both these wrings are worn on the fourth finger. There are no set rules to wear these rings. However, most people prefer to wear wedding band inside the engagement ring to keep it closer to heart. While some others prefer to wear these rings separately on both hands to make them more manageable. Some of the rings don’t go well together and that is when one prefers to wear them on different fingers. 

Can you have one ring in place of two?

This decision is totally subjective. Some people prefer wearing both while some others want only one to avoid hassles. Having one ring for both occasions would allow you to spend more on that one ring and get unique design that will standout on your finger. You will not have to worry about the matching design when you have only one ring to wear. Also, the fear of losing the ring would reduce as you now have only one ring to care for! 

Now if you have made your decision about these special rings then checkout online or at physical stores to find the best quality gemstone ring that fits your budget. Don’t forget to take the certificate to be assured about the genuine product that will accompany you for the lifetime.